What does it mean to be a Christian and how can I become one?


1 – Losing the Connection

In the beginning there was perfect communication between God and human beings. When God created the world, he made it perfect. He created men and women to live under his authority and guidance and to enjoy a relationship with him.

Humans chose to ignore God’s instructions and put themselves, rather than him, first in their lives. The brief and blunt biblical word for this is ‘sin’.

Sin has got in the way between us and God and we know the connection is broken. Worse still, we can do nothing ourselves to solve the problem. No amount of good deeds will help.


2 – God’s Reconnection Remedy

The Good News is that God himself has acted to remedy the problem and restore the connection.

God literally humbled himself and became a human being and was born into this world. He came as Jesus the perfect Mediator, someone who was both fully God (and could represent God) and fully human (so could represent humankind).

As an adult Jesus claimed to be the Messiah or ‘Christ’, God’s long-promised deliverer. Eventually, The religious leaders created charges against Jesus and, persuaded a vulnerable but willing foreign ruler to execute him by nailing him to a cross and leaving him to die the most shameful and dishonourable way possible.

On the third day after the crucifixion, Jesus’ tomb was empty and reports began circulating that he had appeared to his followers. The Bible records that after his resurrection Jesus appeared to over five hundred people over a period of forty days.

After promising his disciples his continued presence through God’s Holy Spirit, Jesus returned to heaven with his glorified human body.

In Jesus, God himself took on all of human sin and suffered death so that you and I might be forgiven, escape eternal death and have life forever with God.


3 – Getting Reconnected

The fact that God has done everything for us in such a free and generous manner is what the Bible calls grace. One thing – and only one thing – is needed: we must respond to his grace offered to us.

You may feel you’ve made too many mistakes in life and perhaps you’ve let yourself and other down badly. Be encouraged – no amount of sin is too great for God to forgive. He loves you deeply and is eager to welcome you into his family.

Perhaps you feel that if you were to try to follow Jesus you’d soon end up by giving it up. God knows our frailties and weaknesses and he has given his Holy Spirit to those who have decided to follow Jesus. If you do become a Christian and genuinely put your trust in Jesus Christ then God promises to give you the Holy Spirit to live within you and empower you. You can now face the world and all its temptations and problems, not on your own, but with God’s own power to help you.

This is the beginning of a new relationship.


4 – Making the Connection

If you do indeed want to make a connection with God, you need to take three steps: admit, commit and submit.


Either silently or aloud, admit that you have disconnected from God and that you have allowed the barrier of sin to separate you from him. Talk to God and tell him specifically about those areas in your life where you’ve messed up. Remember, there is no point in blaming others or trying to conceal anything. He knows everything already. He just wants you to own up to it. So, tell God how sorry you are.


Through Jesus, God has dealt permanently and completely with your sin. You can now be totally forgiven for everything you have ever done, and ever will do, wrong. Thank God for what Jesus has done for you and tell God that you accept his forgiveness, and that you commit your life to him for him to remake it and restore it.


Thirdly, choose to submit the whole of your life to the God of love. You are beginning and new relationship with him, and with others, in God’s new community. Ask him to help you live out this relationship day by day.


5 – A Prayer

If you have made the decision to make the connection, pray these words:

Thank you, God, for loving me before I ever loved you.
Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross, for me.
Thank you that I can get connected to you now because you are alive today.
I admit that I have lived my life without you and have messed up.
I ask for your total forgiveness and I commit myself to you.
Help me to submit my life to your teaching and direction from now on.
I receive you into my life and ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit.


6 – Next Steps

If you have just become a Christian or if you have any questions about doing so, then we would love to hear from you - admin@oakwoodchurch.org.uk 

  • Make Jesus your priority. Spend time taking with God (praying) & reading your Bible each day. 
  • Tell someone that you have become a Christian. Anyone who celebrate your decision to follow Jesus with you
  • Connect with a local church. This enables you to get to know others Christians, to worship God together & to grow in your relationship with God. 
  • Get baptised. Having given your life to Jesus, water baptism is the public act of identifying yourself as a Christian. 

NB: Most of the above is taken from www.canonjjohn.com